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Kobashi, Honda, KENTA & Kikuchi vs Akiyama, Saito, Kanemaru & Hashi, 2/3 falls, 6/1/03. Last of the Sternness vs Burning full-stable battles. As with the captain's fall match, this one drags at times due to length, but still contains all kinds of action. Watch for yet another trick from Honda's seemingly endless supply of cool moves that he stopped doing later that year. Repost.


Honda/Kobashi/KENTA/Kikuchi vs Saito/Akiyama/Kanemaru/Hashi, Captain's Fall Elimination, 5/14/03. A team loses if either its captain (in this case Honda and Saito) or 'everyone else' drops a fall. The match runs a bit long by virtue of having several falls instead of one. Each fall has its own finishing run and leads to a new dynamic in the match, but they struggle to maintain momentum over the full course of the match. They're smart to let the juniors handle the early work so the heavies are fresh for the second half, and there are also a few occasions where 'wrestling logic' would dictate a rote elimination but they defy convention. The match ends when it should and leaves plenty on the table for the big tour-ending climax. Repost.

8/1 - 8/5/14

Sugiura & Takayama vs Nagata & Sekimoto, 6/13/14. Misawa memorial night has strong semi-main tag. Very much a slugfest, which plays to their strengths.

Sugiura, Marufuji & Shiozaki vs Takayama, Sano & Ota, 2/15/08. Lots of nasty, nasty stuff dished out in this one. Takayama and Sugiura set the tone early, and everyone- even Marufuji!- gets into the act. Somewhat anticlimactic ending but that's just something one has to learn to live with in most 6-man tags. Repost.

Taue, Marvin & Taniguchi vs Inoue, Izumida & Ota, 3/29/08. Enjoyable enough thanks to Marvin and IZU. It's not about stiffness or bumps, just clever little spots. A matchup like this isn't going to tear the house down, but if they can put some smiles on peoples' faces, they've done their job. Repost.


Takayama & Aoki vs Saito & KENTA, 1/20/08. On one hand, it's almost as if everyone involved knows that what YOU really want is the Takayama/KENTA pairing. On the other hand, we do get quite a bit of those two teeing off on one another, and the match doesn't overstay its welcome. That's enough to earn my seal of approval. Repost.


Takayama, Morishima & Yone vs Misawa, Taue & KENTA, 9/2/07, JIP. Quite the random teams. The vast majority of juniors wouldn't fit very well amongst heavyweights, but KENTA's attitude means he isn't a drag on his team. Repost.


Tenryu, Koshinaka & Ogawa vs Morishima, Taniguchi & Ohara, 6/13/14. Misawa: dead for 5 years. Kawada: retired for 5 years. Tenryu: still wrestling. Huh. Tenryu does fine in a Baba-esque/late Kobashi role of absorbing punishment and throwing chops, and Morishima relishes beating down the old man.


Marvin & Suzuki vs Romero & Aoki, junior tag league, 7/6/07. Decent opening sections (with a lifeless crowd), then they bring it home in a big way. I just love how quickly Aoki got to being competitive with the veterans. Repost.


The Briscoe Brothers vs Marufuji & Ibushi, junior tag league, 7/1/07. Okay, see, THIS is how you do a spotfest: just do a bunch of cool stuff in vaguely coherent fashion with a minimum amount of downtime. The Briscoes going over 20+ minutes tend to lose me. Get closer to 15 minutes (like this) and we're talking. Marufuji/Ibushi lack fraternal-level teamwork, but they have more raw talent. Is that enough to get the win? Repost.

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Saito, KENTA & Aoki vs Bison Smith, Danielson & Ricky Marvin, 4/14/07, slightly clipped. For as world-class as Danielson is, was, and will be, I'm still impressed by how quickly Aoki developed. Along those lines, the final minutes build very nicely from the SEM tag ten days earlier. Repost.


Danielson & Ishimori vs Marufuji & Aoki, SEM 4/4/07. It's all about Danielson vs Aoki. He clearly enjoys having a chance to work in stuff like d'arce chokes, though the ever-cruddy Differ Ariake crowd doesn't bother to respond to his awesomeness. Friggin' Ariake. Nothing mindblowing, just lots of solid wrestling content. Repost.


Takayama & Sano vs Taue & Marufuji, 3/4/07. Interesting to have Taue and Marufuji teamed up a year after their great singles match. Unfortunately for them, the it's against the double-tough UWFi veterans. Some unexpected spots and exchanges, leading to an even more unexpected finish. Repost.


Bison Smith, Chris Hero & Bobby Fish vs Rikio, Saito & Ricky Marvin, 3/4/07. Quite the random teams. This could have easily been a forgettable throwaway 6-man, but Bison and Marvin decide to bring THE GOODS and deliver something entertaining. I think they serve to motivate the others, because the effort and pace are much higher than one would normally get from something so low on the card. Repost.


Kobashi, KENTA & Taniguchi vs Sasaki, Nakajima & Yamaguchi, 4/13/08. Rather long 6-man that sets the stage for the similarly long (but better) Kobashi vs Sasaki tag battles in months to come. Yamaguchi was a short-tenured Kensuke Office young lion who pretty much just takes up space. Amazingly, he isn't even on the receiving end of a mid-match control segment, which violates all laws of Kings Road booking. At one point Taniguchi either gets legit KOed or he has way better selling than anyone gives him credit for. Also, if you are wondering whether this match contains chops, the answer is 'yes'. Repost.


KENTA & Marufuji vs Sugiura & Nakajima, 5/17/14. KENTA's farewell to NOAH. Thankfully, the focus of the match is him trading strikes with two dudes who can throw hard. I have to say, I'm a bit skeptical that he will do much in WWE, but he has a better shot at success than Yamamoto did.